LUCIFER & Double SQUAREY Special!

From the darkest sub-levels of the Reverend Hellfire’s Historical Archives, Sunday Sermons’ is proud to retrieve, disinfect and present the very first poem ever published by the Rev!*



I am the fallen

Star of the Morning,

I am the wind flung

leaf from the Tree,

the last tower standing

of a castle of stone.

For I am the Loner

the Wastes only Wanderer,

Eternally spurned,

God’s humility burned

its brand on the first petal

of the Flower of Youth.



*Authors footnote. This poem appeared in my high schools’ annual magazine when I was about 14. Perhaps unsurprisingly, I was “asked to leave” said Educational facility shortly thereafter.

Something about being a bad influence?..

Anyhoo, at the time I was into reading poets like Swinburne and Shelley and listening to Black Sabbath and David Bowie,

all whilst diligently neglecting my homework.

From an historical perspective it would be another 15 years before a teen sub-culture called Goth arose, so clearly I was ahead of my time.



The Reverend Hellfire is a kind and saintly man,

despite all appearances to the contrary, who rescues  injured animals and maintains a fondness for Outsiders, Outcasts and the Insane. Writing poems of great Grace and Sensitivity, it’s generally best not to bother him

before 10am.

Actually you should probably make that 11am.



~ by reverendhellfire on July 9, 2017.

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