Once upon a time, in Far-off days,

Teenage Jealousy could corrode your guts like

Sugar in a petrol tank,

sweet Fuel for futile acts

of petty spite.


These days of course we’re taught

to keep a lid on our emotions,

and every petrol cap now has a lock.

Perhaps that’s why Road-Rage

is all the rage instead and we

just take it out on total Strangers.


But I decided that doing that every day

is just driving a dump truck

down a dead end street.

Sooner or later you will hit a Wall.

Don’t think you can blithely take

your Emotional Baggage out for a drive

and then dump it by the side of the Highway


Its Anti-Social to Litter

for one thing and besides,

what if two or three of that Litter survive?

Then the next thing you know you’ve got

Feral Emotions prowling through the undergrowth,

lurking under bridges and overpasses

like a Facebook Troll and

pouncing on anything brainless that twitters.


Keep going like that you’ll end up

as some sad, elderly Loner in a boarding-house,

leaking bitter acids all over the carpet

like an old, discarded car battery.

After that it’s just a short,

trip by tow-truck to the wrecking yard

and people picking over the carcass on Weekends

to see if there’s any of your vital organs

worth recycling.

Or  you’ll sit there rusting amongst

the other hollowed, burnt out bombs,

until some Junior Jihaddis

keen for a Terminal Joy Ride,

spot your Potential and take you home

to work on you in the garage out the back

till you’re re-tooled into a suitable Vehicle

for the transport of Contentious Materials.


It’s no wonder some people never learn to drive,

instead rely on Public Transport all their lives

and leave their travelling needs

in smooth, Professional hands.

Yes, Relationships can travel rocky roads,

perhaps it’s best to let Sub-contractors extract

any Emotions secreted by their glands,

whenever some social lubrication is needed

to grease the wheels of their Career..

or prove that they’re a Man.


And if these rear-view reflections,

dear Reader, are driving you to the Drink,

don’t worry, there’s always a bottle-shop open

somewhere nearby here, I think.



The Reverend Hellfire is a practised Performance Poet,

President of the Kurilpa Institute of Creativity Inc.,

and an Ordained Minister of the Church of the Universe

AND the Church of Spiritual Humanism.

Will you miss him when he’s gone?



~ by reverendhellfire on July 16, 2017.

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