In honour of today’s LUNAVERSE event at the Kurilpa Poets we retrieve and polish up this shiny apple from the bottom of the barrel.

Tonight the Moon Offended


Once more with night the Moon proceeds

upon her stately course,

She carries her own sad music with her

always as she goes,

And fills the air it seems as though

With many violins.


Yes tonight the Moon resplendent strides

while lesser lights do fade and hide


She keeps her own company tonight.

Drifting thru the cloud palaces,

while Her courtiers pace behind her

At a discreet, respectful distance.

Whimpering to each other, unseen,

in the shadows of the trees,

their whispering is the rustling of the leaves.

They say;


See the Queen tonight.. she is thoughtful, is she not?”

Why does she not smile??”

Oh her smile is like a mountain lily

kissed by a dream”

Why does she not smile??”


But the Moon swoons away on her silvery pinions,

desperately followed by her scuttling minions.


And She will dream, by and by,

Resplendent upon her marble couch, the Sky.


surveying from below this scene,

a pensive Poet sighs and cries

unto his Lunar Queen;


Oh Moon! He cries, My moody Moon!

Why do you turn your face from me?

How have I offended thee?

Why do you scowl behind

Your sullen shawl of yellow clouds?

Are not we Poets

Your most admirable admirers,

Your most faithful followers,

Your most subservient slaves?

Haven’t I written all of my most

beautiful poems

for you?

O How have I offended thee?

Why do you turn your face from me?

Was it something I said.

Something I wrote

that you read?

Was it because, Oh Moon,

I once rhymed you with… spoon?

O Moon..

I’m sorry..

I will never

Do it



There! See now,

You smiled!

That means you forgive me!

So come now and sit by me awhile,

in this secluded garden where

the silver fountains sparkle

and together we will trace the stars

careering cartwheels ‘cross the sky

And we will dream together..

(as lovers always do)

Until the dawn ‘cross the night sky seeps

And back to our beds we both shall creep,

You behind the shadow-valley’ed mountains,

And I behind my bedrooms velvet curtains.

And as we sleep, we shall ignore the day

and dream of Twilights dawning

when we recommence our play.


Oh Moon,

my moody Mistress,

do not turn your pale

and shining face away from me.





The Reverend Hellfire exists as a series of wave vibrations travelling through the ever-expanding Universe.

The original Event that gave rise to these vibrations occurred long ago.



~ by reverendhellfire on October 29, 2017.

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