The Twenty-first Century, no-one’s alone,

everyone’s tracked on their mobile phone,

satellite surveillance as you roam

(Network coverage starts in the Home)

While Clones & Drones in Military Zones

are marching to Growth on a Road of Bones,

Slavery’s replaced by Third World Loans,

the IMF Pawn Shop hocks what you own.

And Autonomous, Anonymous

Algorithm Government,

replaces Ideology with


Human Heuristics

predicting every Social Movement,

ultimately subverts

and turns it into Entertainment,

(If it makes a profit

they’ll manufacture Discontent.)

Our Leaders know they’re born to rule

because they went to  Private School,

Observation Bias, Common Sense,

their Social Engineering tools.

Use pre-loaded Language for

 character assassination,

(cheaper than politics

in a dull & backwards nation)

delegate their dirty work,

 (to Sub-Contracting Cravens)

and keep their Assets hidden

 in a friendly Tax-Free Haven.



This week’s SQUAREY! is a Do-it-yourself Special! Fill in the word balloons

and send your efforts to Sunday Sermons. Fabulous Prizes awarded for

the most amusing entry. Send to


The Reverend Hellfire.. he still here?!



~ by reverendhellfire on November 12, 2017.

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