This week in the seething ant-heap that is the World, we see Great Political Events convulse the human hive. But the Reverend, it seems, is above it all. Let’s hope he returns to Earth next week to offer his unique Spiritual Guidance. Meantimes..



As always it is Now.

We awaken unto Awareness of our Existence,

Sentience seemingly without Form,

drifting through the various Voids on unseen currents,

riding the great, grave Gravitational Waves as they fold and enfold endlessly in upon themselves, looping in great Moebius coils through the Vectors and Vortexes of the 23 Dimensions. Entering one such vector, (a somewhat seedy one it must be said) there unexpectedly opens before us an unfolding Vista of Interdimensional Beings mainlining Reality-Altering Drugs, crooning & spooning over their forbidden alchemical works unto the far reaches of the Event Horizon itself. Bizarre forbidden rituals are enacted before us, their meaning and Purpose unknown, as our disembodied consciousness drifts unseen amongst them..

Our POV is suddenly sucked in by the gravitational field of,

and merges with one such Interdimensional Alchemist,

clad only in a surgical mask from which emerges a rats nest of laboratory tubing, obliviously bent to it’s task, Quantum Free-basing Actualities. The half-life of these Actualities before their inevitable collapse into a Black Hole of negation is short, but the Big Bang of their Creation gives quite a kick and their Creators are clearly addicted to the Rush.

Extending an insectoidal limb it unfolds in the process hidden flaps and layers of flesh, membranes revealed as a series of dimensional fields, a creature clothed in a glittering caparison of Realities. Perhaps we behold the shimmering wings of fallen angels themselves./more limbs unfold like fern fronds in delicate slow-motion movements, the unfolding again revealing hidden layers upon layers of these translucent wings,

shimmering rainbows with colours extending

far beyond the range of the visual cortex.

Secondary Tendrils quickly appear and lash the unfolded limb to a stainless steel surgical table. The alien creature grasps a quantum syringe and assumes a heroic hunting pose, legs braced like an ancient whaler hefting their harpoon in the plunging forecastle of their boat/

The Old Hunters experienced eye spots a flicker of movement beneath the placid flesh before him. A swift movement and the plunging Needle punctures the skin

and pins it’s prey to the bone!

Furious the wounded vein rears up from the surrounding flesh, hissing and snapping in the air like an angry serpent!

But with a deft digit the Interdimensional Addict holds the wildly lashing vein down. The ragged rupture mouths the air like a newly caught fish, flip-flopping on the deck. The rubbery blood-tube is expertly milked & squeezed till a single Blood Beetle emerges from its lair. (The Addicts arteries and veins form a network of tunnels which the Blood Beetles infest like hermit crabs)

In appearance like a bright bead of blood threaded on a pulsing vein, the Blood Beetle quickly sprouts an indeterminate number of tiny legs and goes scuttling off. But a prehensile tongue suddenly shoots out of the Actuality Addicts mouth, and grasps the squealing blood beetle. The tongue is withdrawn into the addicts prehensile mouth with a snap and the shrill squealing is swiftly replaced by the sound of crunching and the acrid stench of strong acids and dissolving insect flesh. The Inhuman Addict starts to vibrate rapidly in and out of Existence as an an almost unheard sub-sonic vibration builds & builds to reach unendurable levels/Suddenly/

with a jerk the Scene shifts sideways, flickers & dissolves.

The hideous humming subsides into blessed blackness, Distance and Silence, Time..

and Space.

Slipping swiftly thru Realities like a Magician shuffling a pack of cards, we eventually enter the consciousness of an ordinary earthly Drug Addict perched on the end of an unmade bed

and looking at a bright bead of blood

that sits perfectly balanced on their pale inner-wrist,

like a ball of Mercury

and forming a perfect mirror

that quivers with tiny tremors

every time their heart beats.

And if you look carefully

you can see your own reflection

looking back at you

with an expression of intense surprise.



The Reverend Hellfire..

say no more.



~ by reverendhellfire on December 10, 2017.

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