Peered in mirrors dark as pitch

Dust his blood as black as stout,

Adam owl-wise in his long-johns

Mumbling, moths come out ‘ his mouth.


He would walk upon the waters

And the waters turned to wine,

Then He’d dance with Circe, his Caitlin

Though she cast his pearls to swine.


Fierce hungover he awakens

Like a priest cock-crowned and shaven,

All his knuckle-bones are carved for skulls

and dice.


He goes wandering for a Wonder,

With a Scythe across his shoulder

notes the last Words of his Father

the broken jawbone jigsaw.


He records the Signs & Saga’s

on dirty parchment paper,

he saw…

A murder of crows..

A parliament of owls..

A murmur of drunken radio’s..

A crown of parsley.




The Reverend Hellfire.

Use only as prescribed.

May cause Death or Injury if taken by another person.

If pain persists consult a reputable medical practitioner.



~ by reverendhellfire on April 29, 2018.

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