(A modern Veda)


Hail to thee, O Wholly Holy Cannabis!

Welcome as a jolly Jester

in a dull kings court.

Comforter of Countless Hurts.

Soother of the Jagged Edge,

Unruffler of Feathers.

Who restoreth the flagging spirits,

and fine-tunes the human reciever

to the subtlest emanations of the Universe.

Thou that makest the Stars shine more bright.

In your shade I hear a great golden silence

tolling like a giant bell.

Thou that collapseth Time & Space

into Here & Now,

so that everything happens in its own good time,

or doesn’t.

Obsessives’ nightmare, timekeepers’ bane,

thou takest the terrifyingTyrant and maketh them ludicrous.

Punsters partner,

Satirists friend,

young lovers delight,

that infinitely extends

sense & sensation,

rest & recreation.

Bi-sexual Beauty,

Second Skin to the Sensualist.

To the Initiate, thou invokest the Muse,

To the herd thou bringest Sleep..or amuse.

Each thing in its season, you Invoke

and embody the Spirits of Place.

Amicable and Amiable,

there is no poison in you,

none have died or sickened from thy touch.

So soothe the Fevered Brow

Give appetite to the Wasted

bring Laughter to the Depressed

and Oppressed alike.


The Lowest exalt thee,

while the Highest disclaim

all Knowledge or Love of Thee.

Hypocrites I name them! Pharasees!

Blind they cannot see

nor would they let Others see.

So let us Smoke then!

Let us Drink

and Eat of the Sacred Herb.

Thou shalt gain Knowledge thereby

and we shall be as Gods!

Thus spake the helpful Serpent,

Humanity’s truest friend.

As for Zeus, Zoroaster, Jehovah, Apollo et.al.,

well, there’s always some self-righteous, Forbidding Bastard

saying, “Thou shalt Not!” isn’t there?

But always in the Garden too

some helpful seditious Snake

or wandering Dionysus in the Wilderness

will be calling,

Theres more to Life than this. There’s Ecstasy at least,

and Life Itself should be

a moveable, musical Feast!”

So share the Soma Supper

with your fellow Suffer-ahs

and join the Dance

beneath the Stars

in the shade of the healing, Holy Herb,

in the shade of the Ganja Tree.




The Reverend Hellfire is a practised Performance Poet,

President of the Kurilpa Institute of Creativity

and an ordained Minister of the Church of Spiritual Humanism

and the Church of the Universe.

It’s all done with smoke and mirrors,

but mainly smoke.



~ by reverendhellfire on May 27, 2018.

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