Do You Remember Back When?




Remember when President Trump‘s meeting with North Korean dictator, Kim Jong Il, was the Wonder of the World?

Yes, like a two-headed cow it was the talk-of-the-town for at least a week and everyone was certain that it was a Sign that the End Times were a-coming, and that they were coming soon.

Fortunately the World Cup intervened, and the fickle Public’s attention was diverted by the razzle-dazzle of a Big Money Sporting Spectacular.

With the Celebrity Spotlight drifting elsewhere, our Dear Leaders soon lost interest in the Great Game and once again left the whole sorry mess for their Drones to deal with.

“Just tidy this stuff up, ok?”

Thus the World was saved from looming Armageddon for another week and everything went back to


Which is to say, sure we’re on an unstoppable roller-coaster of Hubris & Greed that’s taking us inevitably towards complete Environmental Collapse and the con-current Societal Catastrophe, but it’s not going to happen just yet!

Yes, the Apocalypse may indeed be upon us soon

but not before the Returns for the Spring Financial Quarter come in and so we may as well maximise Profits along the way..Hey! Despite negative-gearing, those heavily-fortified compounds in private enclaves don’t pay for themselves you know! (Not unless you rent them out to students & backpackers short-term while you’re waiting for the End Times of course.)

No it’s not cheap prepping your strategically-sited, reinforced concrete, luxury Doomsday Accommodation for the Apocalypse and things will only get worse once we have to start paying for goods & services with Water.

Now it is true that Water has its down sides as a medium of exchange, but at least anyone who can piss into a jar can get some sort of return on their Investment, as opposed to crypto-currencies like Bitcoin.

Penicillin was looking like a viable Currency to invest in for awhile, but since the rise of anti-biotic resistant bacteria, its value on the International Exchanges has plunged heavily against the Yen and now the Smart Money is investing once again in Child Slavery, Drugs and the International Arms Trade.

Meanwhile, after numerous complaints from purchasers, the original President Trump has been recalled by the Manufacturers and sent to a small factory located somewhere on the outskirts of Moscow. There the malfunctioning President is understood to be undergoing various Firmware Upgrades & Security Patches, that are intended to solve the many glitches & programming bugs that have afflicted the trouble-prone Head of State.

Programming glitches plague the current Presidential iteration

Numerous verbal gaffes and Facial-Recognition Software failures have resulted in Donald Trump becoming the most unpopular President since the Model G Ford.

Still, at the time of writing, President Trump 2.0 is said to be “performing well within it’s Operational Parameters”.



The Reverend Hellfire..

Use only as Directed.



~ by reverendhellfire on July 23, 2018.

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