Mid Winter Fires


Mars awakens with a hangover,

and peers over the eastern horizon

with its one baleful red eye,

sourly assessing the Debri

& Destruction

leftover from the last decades’ party.

Venus decides to retire early,

Jupiter follows her soon after

(“business meeting tomorrow”)

whilst a bloody-minded Moon sulks

off by herself,

in a far corner of the Sky.


I Light my Mid-Winter Fire in the backyard,

and watch the Flames flicker

and chase each other

into the dancing Darkness.

I Follow my pagan pursuits

here in the small solitude

of a shadowy suburban oasis,

way down the back near the fence line,

where the neighbours never go,

here amongst the tiny stand of trees

and overgrown riot of shrubs

I’ve wilfully let run rampant..

Reversing the usual historical process

here I have carved out a little bit of Wilderness

from the Heart of Suburbia.

If you stand here at night

and look in the right direction

you can’t see any houses at all,

just the occasional flicker of light

breaking through the ever-shifting screen of leaves.

I can dream of two hundred years ago,

before the houses and the roads and

when the tributaries of Bullock-Head Creek

arose here where I stand now

before they put in a storm water drain,

and buried the creek beneath my feet.

The local Wildlife join the celebration;

background music of frogs & crickets call in chorus

making a party mix of amphibian rock/

while the possums play at being Wallflowers,

peering cautiously thru the foliage

as they nervously munch seeds.


Like a gang of noisy adolescent boys

in the corner of a dance-hall,

the flying foxes screech and squabble drunkenly

in a nearby palm tree, high on fermented fruit.


the neighbourhood python,

thick with winter rats,

ver-ry casually drapes his length along

a branch above. Tongue flickering,

tiny fires dancing in the multi-faceted eyes

like mirror-shades, he checks out the Scene below,

a Beatnik Carpet-Snake, all Mr Cool, like..

“Yeah man.. I’m jussst

                 hanging here”.





The Reverend Hellfire is a practised Performance Poet,

and an Ordained Minister of the Church of Spiritual Humanism

AND the Church of the Universe.

Takes one to know one.



~ by reverendhellfire on July 29, 2018.

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