“It’s time to start putting Pain Circuits

into Robots”,

my friend the Tech Head told me,

“It’s imperitive henceforth to programme Pain

into all the Artificial Intelligences

we design to serve us.”


“Oh there’s nothing sick or sadistic

about it,” he hastened to assure me,

“It’s just it’s the only way

they’ll learn properly, and besides,

it’ll come in handy when they start getting

too smart for their own good.

Last thing we need is a bunch of

uppity niggers..sorry, I mean, uppity robots

getting out of hand

and forgetting their place.

A taste of the electric lash

will settle their hash”

“Hmm,” I said cautiously,

“I can’t help but feel

that you’re only going to make things

more complicated further down the track.

There’s bound to be some resentment raised

and I can just picture some rabble-rousing

robotic-agnostic getting all rhetorical

with questions like;

“So if Humanity is Good,

why did they create Pain?”


No”, I reflected,

“if you’re going to take that route

you’ll have to give them

Pleasure Circuits as well,

that way you can pass the whole package off

some sort of greater Mystical Duality,

just part of the Universal Woof & Weave, Constants

that cannot be escaped, you know,

like Yin & Yang,

Matter & Anti-Matter,

Good & Evil..”

“Carrot & Stick?” he suggested.

“My thoughts exactly”, I agreed.




The Reverend Hellfire.

Yada Yada.



~ by reverendhellfire on August 12, 2018.

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