FUN! For an Innocent Friend

It’s the Rev’s Birthday, so we reprint this classic sermon from the

Vaults, as he spends the day in quiet contemplation and thought. Enjoy!


(Dedicated to an innocent friend)


The Devil of Boredom

drove me Insane,

the way that it tickled my Soul,

till I scratched that Itch

setting loose,

just for Fun,

Forces I could not Control.

All it took, as it does,

was a phone call or two,

and on Facebook

some Rumours and Clues.

The next thing you know

there’s a great howling Pack,

(I think they were looking for you.)

Well, one can’t reason with Mobs,

or so I have found,

so I just went along for the ride,

as they turned the whole town

oh quite Upside-down,

(I hope you found somewhere to hide.)

Oh my dear Friend, you should pray,

that the Devil of Boredom

never comes into your Life!

For that Devil’s Idea

of Fun I have found

just leads to Trouble

and Strife.

Still, you must drop around

(when the Dust has died down),


we’ll have Muffins and Tea.

But this must be deferred

for alas, I’ve just heard

that the Mob

is now looking

for me.




The Reverend Hellfire..

still burning that candle.



~ by reverendhellfire on September 9, 2018.

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