Quantum Economics



The Quantum Mechanics of my Bank Account;

a complex Matrix of ever-circling

Credit and Debt,

like Matter and Anti-Matter

spiralling through Space & Time

eventually cancelling each other out

somewhere on the far side

of the Event Horizon

of a looming Black Hole.

A Financial Fate

from which there is no escape,

except to try and keep the Present going

by borrowing from the Future

to pay off the debts of the Past.


My Case is not unique

to local co-ordinates;

all across the Multi-Verse

the Ledgers don’t stack up

while God like a dodgy accountant

juggles the numbers

as He plays for time.


Now, Economists & Physicists reassure me

that Entropy is only a problem in a Closed System,

but, frankly,

I think Reality is due

for a Credit Crunch

any day soon now.





The Reverend Hellfire is a practised Performance Poet,

outgoing President of the Kurilpa Institute of Creativity,

and an Ordained Minister of the Church of Spiritual Humanists.

“Wishing all my Pagan and Spiritual Humanist

friends & followers a fruitful

and propitious Equinox”



~ by reverendhellfire on September 23, 2018.

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