The extinction of the Rhino;

a perfect fire-storm

of Ignorance and Greed.


Think of it! Who

would have ever dreamed

that the last, mighty Rhinoceros

would be destroyed

by the tiny penis

of a Chinese CEO.


But really, it’s an old story;

Wealth & Conspicuous Consumption

financing Poverty

to commit unspeakable crimes.

Macbeth & hunch-backed Richard,

(or so Shakespeare would have it),

could always hire from the Hoi Polloi

heinous helping hands

with no discernible morals

to do their dirty deeds.

So it will end like this;

the last specimen will be cut down at Midnight

by chainsaw wielding thugs,

who crash a stolen armoured car

through the gates of a Paris Zoo,

and killing three guards

in the process.


A diseased Daisy-chain of

Organised Crime gangs & terrorist networks

then transports the product on

to seedy, Hong Kong middle-men

who arrange the discreet distribution

of the famed elixir for application

to the diminutive, flaccid organs

of the Chinese Executive Class.

On the UP side, the rhinoceros’s survival

will surely be ensured, in a fashion,

thanks to good old shiny science,

tho admittedly for the time being

the Species, as such,

will be reduced to frozen sperm samples

and a couple of eggs,

buried deep in a Glacier

in Greenland.

On the DOWN side, latest reports

coming in tell us

that the Glacier is melting fast

and that the Institute may soon be reduced

to storing samples in the Coke® machine

in the Staff Cafeteria

if they don’t get air-conditioning soon.


Perhaps we can try to get

these impotent Titans of Commerce & Politics

onto a Viagra Substitution Programme,

you know, like the way we try

to get Junkies onto Methadone?

Meantimes, call me misanthropic,

but the only Charity I’m interested

in today, is any Charity that gives money

to African Game keepers

so they can get better guns and bullets;

and set up a generous pension scheme

for their children and widowed wives.





The Reverend Hellfire is a practised Performance Poet

and though easily distracted, he..



~ by reverendhellfire on November 18, 2018.

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