All lank shanks in a tank top,

a slender lass lopes by,

the rubber thongs flip, flap, flop

past Boardshorts & Beer Bellies

barbecued bronze in the Sun,

while beach-bathing beauties bare

Bikini brief bottoms

and the humm of a horse-fly hovers,

(a hand-slap- “Ha! Gottem!”)

Meanwhile the Sea-gulls strut

& preen upon the sands

vain as broad-chested adolescent boys

turning cart-wheels on their hands.

Young couples duck & dive together

like dolphins in the crystal waters,

on shore umbrella shaded parents keep

a close watch on

their budding daughters,

out on the break-water’s waves

the distant surfers ride,

at water’s edge the walls

of mighty sand-castles

crumble & collapse

before the incoming tide.


And as mothers anxiously apply

urgent unguents

to their squirming children’s scarlet burns,

that tough-as-nails horse-fly,

resurrected, returns.



PS. It is of course the Australia/Invasion/Survival Day weekend. The Reverend has already spoken his mind on this subject long ago. To refresh your memory go to..


The Reverend Hellfire is

on holiday.

He’ll be back ranting & raving next week



~ by reverendhellfire on January 27, 2019.

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