Some Thoughts at the End of the World

Some Thoughts at the End of the World


So here we are at last, after a number of false alarms and near misses, on the thresh-hold of the End of the World. Actually, to keep the analogy truer, it would perhaps be more accurate to state that we are well past the thresh-hold and are currently sitting anxiously in the Reception Area, waiting for our number to be called.

Human reactions to this situation are varied. Most of them seem to be trying to pretend it’s not happening, in the vain hope that if they keep their head down and mind their own business-as-usual it will all blow over. Or perhaps someone else will deal with it?

Many of the Rich & Powerful are so divorced from Reality that they are still convinced that all this environmental catastrophe business is just a left wing plot, while a significant proportion realise what is happening but just don’t care, believing that their Wealth & Privilege will insulate them from the disastrous results. Hey! As long as the air-conditioning & room service is still going who cares about anything else.

Amongst those who think there might actually be a problem you have such Moderate Neo-Liberal Groupings as the Green Party, who want to have their cake and eat it too apparently, hoping that a few more solar panels & bicycle paths and some tinkering around Capitalism’s edges might do the trick.

Meanwhile all around the country (and indeed the world) those who are (if you’ll pardon the expression) selflessly working at the Coalface of Environmental Protection as it were, trying to save a river here, a species there, a tree somewhere-else are themselves approaching complete emotional collapse as the hopelessness of their efforts before the Juggernaut of Development becomes more apparent with every passing day. Local, State & Federal governments are all keen to exploit every natural resource and quick to pass responsibility when the consequences become apparent.

So on and on it goes. Anyone who thinks the glass is only half empty is an optimist.

Of course, living in the shadow of looming Apocalypse is not a new phenomena. I myself was born in the year of the first Hydrogen Bomb tests, and my generation has lived with the threat of Nuclear Annihilation ever since. Perhaps it is Christianity’s fault. Having developed a taste for Armaggedon in their doctrines they have been looking forward to the End Times ever since. (There was a brief flurry of excitement around 1000 CE, amongst those convinced that God works with round numbers).

But now we have reached the End with no great fanfare of Heavenly Trumpets, no melodramatic mushroom clouds unfurling on the horizon. No it’s a quiet ending, so soft you can barely hear it, no louder than the sound of a fish, gasping for air.

Finally, in an effort to help myself cope with the depressing realities, I’ve been watching documentries on the History of the Earth on YouTube, trying to take the long view, as it were.

Yes, the Hundreds of Millions of Years roll by. Life thrives and flourishes and then it dies. Then it tries again. A mirco-organism proliferates till it tips the balance and turns the seas toxic. Most things die again. More Millions of Years, Life has regrouped, Dinosaurs rule the Earth till a meteorite three miles wide smashes into the planet, exploding and covering the entire globe with burning ash and Iridium. (You can see the Iridium Line in geologic layers all around the world today; a narrow band of Iridium beneath which are deep deposits of coal from millions of years of Jungle deposits and above which is only lifeless clay.)

So since Life began here there have been at least Five major “extinction events“. (We are witnessing/causing the Sixth)

Existence has always teetered on the edge of Oblivion. Of course this time there is a difference;

We saw it coming and we could have stopped it but we didn’t.

And that, as Robert Frost might say,

makes all the difference.



The Reverend Hellfire-

a gentle man with a heart full of hate.



~ by reverendhellfire on February 3, 2019.

6 Responses to “Some Thoughts at the End of the World”

  1. Yup! People either have their heads shoved so far up their arses or buried in the sand

  2. It’s sad. Corruption is everywhere in politics. They dont care about their slaves

    • So true. It’s time the slaves woke up & rose up! A Green Revolution now to save the Planet and put Humanity on a better path, before it’s too late. Myself, I have vowed to spend the last years of my short Life fighting to preserve what remains of the Wildlife & Wilderness that I haved loved with all my heart. I plead with all those who read these words to do likewise. With all sincerity, the Reverend Hellfire.

  3. Amen to that. Knowing it is happening while theoretically enjoying some power and agency and NOT responding appropriately is a kind of insanity I can’t even name.

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