at last the rain comes..


Lightning legged Rudra stalks

the parched and aching plains,

Forked Lord of the Storm clouds striding,

he comes veiled amidst

the majestic billowing of Thunder-heads.

Many-armed, Monsoonal Avatar

cloaked in rain,

drumming tambas and timbrels,

over-turning trees and dams,

He trails his long and heavy train

across the land.

The rivers run beside him

roaring great Rudra’s name,

the winds whip round in wild delight

in dizzy exultations

of the Storm God’s Power.

All nature bows before his coming

and even the thermometer’s mercury

sinks low in obeisance.

(Apologies to my Indian readers but I couldn’t find a suitable image of the Roaring One to use. (there’s an amazing cave painting of Rudra I wanted to use that I saw once, but I guess the internet hasn’t scanned everything yet)



The Reverend Hellfire.

No deposit, no return.


~ by reverendhellfire on March 17, 2019.

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