Avian Madrigal


For the bare throated Bird bravely breasting the air,

And long-legged Wader with cool cautious stare,

To the pink-footed Shufflers through dry Autumn leaves,

And the mud-nesting Builders snug under the eaves.

From the Imperial Pelicans, gliding in Grace,

Like visiting Royalty, with grave, solemn face.

To the smiling mouthed Duckbills, mumbling the mud,

The needle beaked Seekers & Searchers of grubs.

For the bell-noted Finch as small as my thumb,

& The impudent Wagtail, with waggling bum,

The shrieking Nightcaller, like a madwoman lost,

The yellow-eyed bullies, nagging and cross.

For the plumage of Parrots, as plush as a rose,

& The cynical, cackling appraisal of Crows,

From the furious fussing of fossicking Fowls,

To the Knowing & Nodding & Silence of Owls.

From the stiff-legged stride of the Ancient Emu,

To the bush-bower Collector of oddities blue.

The Penguin herds huddled in permafrost freeze,

And the Seagulls like statues, hung on the breeze.

To the Seraphim symphony Chorus at Dawn,

That greeted the Sun before mammals were born,

Accept now my Madrigal, a poor imitation,

Of the glorious songs of the Avian Nation.




The Reverend Hellfire..

they seek him here..they seek him.. Wait!

Over there! There he goes now! Get’em Clem!! Set them dawgs on ’em!


~ by reverendhellfire on March 31, 2019.

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