The Confessions of Mr Punch

The Confessions of Mr Punch.


Well it was raining Dogs,

(all the Cats stayed dry at home)

hungry hounds ran down the gutters

hunting down old student loans.

But like a Porn Star in a Pawn Shop

They had nothing left to sell/ except that

tiny piece of Soul they keep

to bargain with down in Hell.


But that’s the weigh they play the Game here,

when the newsprint hits the Soup

and all the bar-maids know the story,

o’ the suitcase left on the stoop,

where they found the torso gory

and in a blaze of Tabloid Glory

the Young Reporter

finally got his Scoop.


We made a fatal combination,

distilled a toxic chemistry,

a perfect product you could market

in almost any Industry.

But I hoped you learned your Lesson,

for I know that I’ve learnt mine,

And don’t beat yourself up

too much, please,

the Pleasure should be mine.




The Reverend Hellfire..

’nuff said!


~ by reverendhellfire on May 26, 2019.

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