Two poems for the price of one! This Sunday Sermon Super Saving Special cannot be beat!



Midnight. Rain falls at last

upon the bare, dry earth.

But only the briefest of showers,

not enough to quench

the Lands parched thirst.


Not enough.




Dreamt I was driving along

On the Road to Prosperity

with a lorry load of Carrion.

Call it collatoral damage,

but I had to keep stopping

to scrape up

more roadkill by the score.

So I joined the Country Party

and advocated bringing back Conscription

and Live Exports for the Poor.

I was duly elected in a Landslide

that was later used as Fill

for abandoned Coal Mines,

happily allowing me

to meet my Paris commitment

to reduce my Carbon Footprint to Size Nine.

As Minister for Resources and the Environment

(a redundancy there really, I thought)

I ordered a general cull

of all remaining species

and left them to rot in the ground

in selected locations

thus making sure there’ll be a generous supply

of recycled Fossil Fuels

for future generations.




The Reverend Hellfire is  Australia’s leading Performance Poet. One serving supplies three times the medically recommended daily intake of Irony.

Contains no added sugar.


~ by reverendhellfire on June 9, 2019.

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