At work sometimes I look out the window

and across a narrow lane-way at the Child Care Centre

on the first floor of the 20 storey tower next door.

The childcare centre has plastic grass and a concrete sky.

The windows don’t open to let in the air

and it never rains but

there’s a sprinkler system in case there’s a fire

and banks of fluorescent tubes

to replace the Sun.

Some of the kids live in the same building.

In the morning I can watch them

emerge from the elevators with their parents

and be deposited with their handlers

like luggage at an airport.

Having signed the appropriate paperwork

the Parental Units board the escalators

and start texting

as they descend to the ground floor

to pursue their upwardly mobile career paths.

In the evenings the procedure is reversed.

And so I watch while tomorrow’s generation

spends the first few years of their Lives

shuttling between floors.

I can imagine some kid

never touching the ground

till they’re five.

Freaking out the first time

they see a butterfly,

allergic to everything

except car exhaust,

not knowing the stars

and unaware of the seasons,

yes, out of touch with everybody

and everything,

except the screen they hold

in their hand.





The Reverend Hellfire is a ruminant biped that roams the verdant plains of Patagonia in vast migratory herds.

Shy, retiring, but sadly not for another five years.


~ by reverendhellfire on June 23, 2019.

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