Should we always assume

that they roared & bellowed or

did Dinosaurs sing like melodious Birds?

Did the trees tremble with sonorous sounds

as they warbled their Reptilian

Songs of Joy?

O Hail to thee Blithe Saurian Spirits!

On a sunny Summer’s afternoon,

I’m sure one could have heard

the Archaeopteryx packs

cooing like gentle Doves,

and the drowsy quacking

of the Duck-Billed Dinosaurs

grooming their feathers in the swamp

with the flocks of the Long-Necked Brontosaurus

hissing & honking like Geese?

The whole primeval forest alive

with an avian symphony

of pastoral peace..



The Reverend Hellfire is a small Principality somewhere off the coast of Greenland. An autonomous, self-governed polity, it nontheless, has for many centuries, paid token fealty and obeisance to the Royal House of Laputa.

Saeva Indignatio Cor Lacerare, baby.


~ by reverendhellfire on August 25, 2019.

2 Responses to “THE DINOSAUR’S SONG”

  1. I have often laid upon the grass while staring either at it or the heavens above : imagining the sounds that I cannot hear of animals and times before and after my own. But, for the ancient archaeoptetyx I did imagine a squeching purr.

    After looking up the translation of the latin phrase, .. I was most amused and plan to use it as often as I can when dealing with the baffling baboons of the masses.

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