The following poem is based on correspondence between an obscure eccentric who liked to write to famous people and ask them to be his Pen pal and one of the 20th Century’s most notorious prisoners. Hated by millions though revered as a Living God by his devotees, the Prisoner had undergone an “Environmental Awakening” whilst in jail, thereafter devoting all his energies to that Cause.

Later the Eccentric had many of his letters published in facsimile. When I read the book, one particular letter stood out for me. I could hear strong music playing in the powerful rhythms of the prose. No doubt about it, it might have been the ragged ramblings of an uneducated criminal, but it was Poetry!

I understood then how the Prisoner had been able to inspire his Followers with his Words to go on to commit acts

that shocked the World.

The words here are pretty much as was written, with only some minimal editing & layout work on my part

to bring out the Poetic Form.

Can you guess who the Prisoner was?

(Answer at the end of today’s Sermon)

I Will Cry No More


Twenty years ago

they let me out of jail for awhile

and I saw that the Earth was dying.


I went out into the Forest

and I cried because

I could see that the trees

were dying.


And I went out into the Desert

and I cried again,

because I could see

that even the Desert was dying.


And I went down by the shore

and I cried once more

because I could see

that the Sea was dying.


Four times I cried

and now I will cry no more.


And when the Whales beached themselves

I seen what they was trying to say

to us. They were saying;

“Look! The water’s getting so bad

we can’t live in it anymore!”

Even a Dog has got the sense

not to shit in it’s own water

but not us dumb humans.

So People protest march and millions of dollars

get spent to “Save the Whales”

and still not a Whale been saved yet.


People say I’m crazy..that I must be

from another planet.

So how come I’m the only one

who seems to care for the Earth?


Everyone says they care,

but it’s just a $1.95 donation to guilt.



The Reverend Hellfire is a practised Performance Poet

& Plagiarist,

with a sideline in high-end artistic forgeries.

Today’s poem was based on the prison letters of the late

Charles Manson, notorious 60’s Cult Leader & Mass Murderer.

Image result for image charles manson


~ by reverendhellfire on January 12, 2020.

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