“Our Leaders are just looking for loopholes”- Greta Thunberg


Our Leaders are looking

for Loopholes.

Yes, They’re looking for Loopholes

& Bolt-holes & Burrows

& Underground Bunkers

on Tax-Haven islands

with Instagram beaches

and postcard fringed palms,

while stalling and making

Appeals to Stay Calm.

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Our Leaders are looking for Alibis,

They are looking for Lurks and for Lairs.

They’re looking for ways

to pretend that they care,

They’re looking for Experts

to pretend to consult

while digging deep Tunnels

down which they can bolt

on the day that the Citizens

finally revolt..

Our Leaders are looking

for criminal Lawyers

to limit their Liability’s legal.

They’re looking for Lawyers

and Loyalists and Yes-Men

and Accountants and Agents

to tie up the loose ends,

They’re looking for Shills

and Spivs and Hacks

to act as a Media-Master-Race Mouthpiece,

or Talking-Head Spokesman

to stand at the Podium

and swear with a straight face

that White is still Black,

like some Goose-stepping,


Goebbels on Crack.

Our Leaders are looking

for Someone to blame.

They’re looking for Fall Guys

& Scapegoats & Villains

and all of the Usual Suspects are named

while Eyewitness Blow-Whistles

are bullied and shamed,

and Loyalist Dependables

(generally expendable)

will be found to take

the Fix & the Frame.

Our Leaders are looking

for lethal umbrellas,

Injection Assassins

and poison perfume.

They’re looking for Killers

to take out their Critics

and cut down the Traitors

and “Prophets of Doom”.

Our Leaders are looking

for Soldiers and Police

and Security Agents

to enforce their Rule.

They’re looking for Media

Moguls to make

the Majority Silent

and the Kids stay in School.

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Image result for colonel gaddafis hunted down in drain

Historical footnote; It’s interesting how many Brutal Tyrants literally “Go to Ground” when their Oppressive Regimes reach their Final Crises. It seems to be almost an instinctive thing, as tho the Terrible Stress releases “Fight or Flight“chemicals reactivating dormant sections of their brains, thus allowing them to return to a more primitive, rat-like state, where their hard-wired, animal cunning might give them slightly better odds of survival, an Evolutionary “Last Ditch” stratagem, as it were.

Colonel Qaddafi, for example, was notoriously dragged kicking & weeping from his last hiding place in a storm-water drain before being kicked to death by the baying mob. That devious old devil, Saddam Hussein, dug himself a hole in the ground, and, equipped with a fan, radio, and a bottle to piss in, successfully eluded capture long after his bonehead sons were found & gunned down. (Their idea of hiding was couch-surfing at the mansion of a Family friend!)

But the Poster Boy of Underground Lairs remains that Dictators’ Dictator, Nikolai Ceausescu, who had literally miles of underground tunnels & bunkers honey-combing the length and breadth of Romania in preparation for a rainy day.

Image result for communist  secret police undergriound tunnels in romania

When the People’s revolution finally came, no-one at first was willing to go down and check the tunnel system out. I remember watching wobbly TV cameras showing a crowd gathered nervously at the steel hatchway of one such entrance to this Underground Labyrinth, clutching machine guns and peering down apprehensively. All you could see was a metal ladder descending into the dark depths. What was down there? No-one knew..a cadre of last-ditch ultra-loyalist secret police ready to fight to the bitter end? Booby traps? Poison Gas? Genetically enhanced “Super Soldiers”?

In the end the tunnels proved to be deserted. All the rats had fled.

Thirty years later the same tunnels are infested with orphans, drug addicts and the homeless. Welcome to the Free World, kids.

Image result for communist  secret police undergriound tunnels in romania



The Reverend Hellfire is a practised Performance Poet,

Secretary of the Kurilpa Institute of Creativity Inc.,

and an Ordained Minister of the Church of Spiritual Humanism.

Another layer of leaves.


~ by reverendhellfire on February 16, 2020.

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