Two Brothers in Mexico

were trying to save Butterflies

from Extinction,

(a magnificent migration

of millions that each year

sought the shrinking mountain forests.)

when Gangsters shot each of them

in the back of the head

and dumped their bodies in the desert.

The Forests were Drug Cartel Turf,



“I want Justice!”

their Mother cried

before the Media Camera Swarm

fluttering & clustering around her.

Not in this World,

I said sadly to the screen,

here Justice is just a Net

with too many holes..


So I went for a walk,

and wandered down

to the Paper-bark Swamp

in the damp, dark Gully,

behind my cabin.

Malaleuca (Paperbark) trees, North Stradbroke Island, Queensland ...

Paused on the twisting path a moment

to let a Serpent pass before me,

(Secretive Guardian of the Swamp

slow slithering with silent dignity)


entered a small clearing

ringed with the tilting trunks

of the ghostly Paper-barks

white as clay,

raggedy with peeling bark

and festooned with ancient vines,



all the dark foliage

around me seemed to explode!


The leaves went flapping off the trees

into the air, swirling around me,

forming & reforming

a dizzying, ever-shifting Corona

of Black & Azure Blue!

Yes, what at first I had taken to be leaves

were in fact Butterflies,

millions of “Blue Tigers“,

that had been resting quietly

on every twig and stem,

on every vine and trunk.

It was a magickal moment alright.

Never before had I seen so many

Butterflies in the old Swamp,

or indeed, anywhere else,

and the ability to have them

all take flight at once

and swirl around me

merely by clapping my hands,

was a truly exhilarating experience

that set my Laughter roaring,Spirits soaring

all around the Swamp!


Here and there one hapless insect

dangled in a web, tis true,

or lay broken on the ground,

but the Swarm danced on, undiminished.

Why had they gathered Now

and Here, in this dark moment,

I wondered,

manifesting before me

when my my mind

was filled with thoughts

of Butterflies and Dread?


I do not know,

but for what it’s worth;

Here lieth (I think) the Lesson;

One dies.

Others arise.

The Flight continues.



The Reverend Hellfire is a renowned Pestilence Poet

& unregistered Plague Doctor.

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~ by reverendhellfire on April 19, 2020.

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