The Reverend Hellfire

The Reverend Hellfire is a practicing performance poet,

former President of the KURILPA INSTITUTE OF CREATIVITY Inc.,

and an ordained Minister of  both the Church of Spiritual Humanists

AND the Church of the Universe.

Located on the furthest rim of Western Civilisation

Australia in its isolation is renowned for producing weird, divergent,

evolutionary freaks like the platypus, the echidna and others.

Now the Australian Poetry scene has thrown up its own obscure mutation,

the Reverend Hellfire no less,

poet, performer, satirist, social activist & prophet.

the reverend in ritual dance


Renowned for his fiery sermons and breast-beating screeds,

the Reverend Hellfire started life hatched in the city larval tanks.

Evolving past gills and fins he emerged onto dry land, returning to the riverbanks

once a month to spawn. Acquiring the power of speech he soon

became a force in the Brisbane poetry scene.

rev going out the door

"You're spinning me out, man," said the chap wearing only a towel and a straw hat

“You’re spinning me out, man,” said the chap wearing only a towel and a straw hat

The Poetry Police move in

The Poetry Police move in

Now like the Ancient Mariner of Yore

he stoppeth one of three, manifesting at Weddings, Poetry readings, Anything.

 Speaking in Tongues and Teeth, the Reverend serves as a humble vessel

through which the Great Poetic Forces may manifest.

There are many voices crying out in the Wilderness, to be sure,

and the Reverend Hellfire hears them all!

A Writer of Note, a Performer of Passion,

a Satirist to be feared!

Unbelievers beware! You WILL feel the Power of Poetry!

the Reverend applies the healing power of poetry

For further analysis of the Reverend’s struggle with his Identity, check out..


Rev wishes you a merry solstciefLAME


The Reverend is available to perform at Poetry Readings, Festivals, Libraries, Schools,

Weddings, Funerals, Clubs, Pubs, Coffee shops, and Doofs, on radio, Television and the Internet.

He also is available

to conduct work-shops on Performance Poetry


To contact the Reverend Hellfire write to

The Reverend can also be contacted thru the Kurilpa Poets at

Reverend Hellfire can generally be seen on the last Sunday afternoon of each month

when he conducts the Kurilpa Poets‘ monthly “Word Happening” at

the Olde Croquet Club,

91 Cordelia Street, West End, Brisbane

In the shade of the Sacred Trees of Historic Musgrave Park



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